Dryer Balls

All natural, eco-friendly way to replace harmful dryer sheets. Sprinkle these dryer balls with drops of essential oils and add to laundry to eliminated chemicals and reduce dryer time. ($10 each)

9.5" circumference (all the way around)
Organic wool made from sheep
Perfect all natural way to soften your laundry without using chemicals that are used in laundry softeners and dryer sheets. Instead use a natural solution... soft sheep's wool!
Handmade wool balls are crafted using the finest wool to give your clothes a luxurious, ultra soft, static free feel. Stop dealing with not so soft clothes, harsh chemicals, and irritating static.
Suggest using at least QTY 1-2 for small loads & QTY 3 for large loads.

Contact us at unityboutique@outlook.com for large quantity orders please