About our products

 When You Spend Money You Cast A Vote For The World You Want
-Anne Lappe

At Unity, we carry a variety of brands and are always working to add new and exciting pieces, We strive to partner with trendy savvy, conscious brands. Whether fair-trade, handmade, sustainable, or made in the USA we want our products to be free of guilty, not harmful to the earth, environment, or individuals lives. We proudly help to empower people worldwide.

Eco Friendly Boutique

You support respectful transactions seeking to create greater equality in the international trading system. Fair pay, safe working conditions, and items that are not made in sweatshops.
You support minimizing the harmful effects on the earth through clothing made with fibers that are free from herbicides, pesticides, or genetically modified seeds.
You support safe and fair working conditions, quality products, the creation of local jobs, reduction in the carbon footprint, and expansion of the United States economy.


Fair Trade Eco Friendly Organic USA made